Certified Inclusive Wedding Ally, CIWA.

Complete, "The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices," and qualify for The Certified Inclusive Wedding Ally, CIWA, exam. The CIWA exam consist of fifty questions, five questions from each Step. You may use, "The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices," as an open document while taking the exam. Once the exam has been emailed, you will have seventy-two hours to submit your answers. It is an online exam with a seventy-two hour window for submitting your answers.

You must pass with an 80% or better, and you will be notified of your results within twenty-four hours.

Once you pass the CIWA exam, you will receive the 2024 Certified Inclusive Wedding Ally badge!

CIWA exam fee $125

There is no charge for re-taking the exam., should that happen. Anyone needing to re-take the CIWA exam will need to use a Test Proctor provided by the IWA. There is a $75.00 test proctor fee.

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IWA Ally Information

Group Certification & Training.

Organizations "in and out" of the wedding and event industry interested in learning "The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices, Gen Z POV" can contact us for further information.

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Certified Inclusive Wedding Ally, CIWA.

Complete "The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices," and successfully pass the CIWA certification exam with 80% or better.

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Become a Ten-Step Training Facilitator.

Ready to make a difference and help others learn inclusive business practices by teaching The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices.

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Learn, "Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices."

Alliance Allies, and guests, join Ric Simmons, creator of The Ten Steps, weekly on IG LIVE. @tenstepstoinclusivepractices.

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