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The Team

Ric Simmons
INCLUSIVE Wedding Alliance
Founder & President
INCLUSIVE, the magazine


Information Sessions - Lets Chat!

Sharing love stories to inspire more love and acceptance.

From discovering your “different” from the other boys and girls to “coming out” and falling in love.

LGBTQIA+ couples can experience micro-aggressions when planning their wedding, honeymoon, or special event.

From non-acceptance to lack of knowledge, LGBTQIA+ couples seek inclusively educated wedding and event professionals with empathy and affirmation for LGBTQIA+ couples.

Ricardo Tomas
Inclusive Luxury Weddings
Chief Contributing Editor


WHEN I HEAR “luxury wedding,” Ricardo Tomas immediately comes to mind.

We met in 2015 at a one-day certification class taught by Bernadette Smith, author of The Business of Gay Weddings: A Guide for Wedding Professionals.

Ricardo and I ended up having lunch that day and have been friends since.

Ricardo listens to what his clients want and takes their vision beyond their expectations, specializing in “fun, unique, and unforgettable weddings.” Ricardo sets the standard for luxury. With exquisite taste, his unique understanding of fashion and interior design plays a crucial role in planning an unforgettable, lavish event.

When a wedding bears Ricardo’s signature, you can be sure it will live in the hearts, minds, and souls of all who attended for years to come. I am humbled and honored to have Ricardo INCLUSIVE. the magazine’s Chief Contributing Editor for luxury weddings.

Experience one of Ricardo's Inclusive Luxury Weddings in the Premier issue of INCLUSIVE, the magazine - Valentine's Day 2023.

Allen Bencomo
Officiating Inclusive Weddings
Chief Contributing Editor


As a shy kid growing up, it was easy for Allen to fly under the radar when it came to his sexuality.

In the middle of five siblings, someone older or younger was always getting attention. Allen didn’t see the need to “come out” to his parents.

Allen’s brother, however, came out to his mother one day while Allen was sitting in the room. His mother looked at Allen and said, “What? Are you gay too?” to which Allen replied, “Think about the question you’re asking; if you want me to answer, I’ll answer it.”

She never asked again.

Read Allen's full story in INCLUSIVE, the magazine March 2023 issue.

Camille Jocsak
Inclusive Weddings & Romantic Travel
Chief Contributing Editor

Camille brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work with the Inclusive Wedding Alliance.

Camille is a Certified Global Travel Specialist, Certified Accessible Travel Advocate, and Inclusive Wedding Alliance Sponsor.

Camille serves on the Advisory Board for the International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals (IADWP) and Travel Edge Corporation's Trendsetters & Diversity Committee.

She is an active member of the International Live Events Association (ILEA), Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners (CANSPEP), Women's Speaker's Association (WSA), Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association (BHTA), International Travel Writers Alliance, Love Mexico to name a few, that she offers her time and knowledge.

Palm Springs & Southern California


I remember reading an article on trends for LGBTQIA+ weddings.

Many couples choose a close friend or relative to officiate their marriage. 

Becoming an officiant through the American Marriage Ministries (amm) has been a fun and rewarding experience.

Getting to work with couples as they plan their ceremony is a sacred time, and since I’m a romantic at heart, the feelings come naturally. 


Inclusive Speaker & Trainer

I landed in Chicago after school and quickly began my career in the education industry. I've won many awards and received recognition for my achievements while working in an industry that I found personally satisfying. I loved helping students achieve their goals. When your job is your passion, it's easy!

In 2000, I left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. I also decided to start taking care of my health. 

In 2009, I bought a personal training studio and found my passion for helping adults achieve health and fitness goals. I was a passionate group fitness instructor. As a group fitness instructor, I found my passion and owning my own business put my future squarely in my own hands. I expanded my fitness studio and then sold the business a few years later. 

In 2015, I started MyTexasGayWedding.com after experiencing discrimination while planning my own wedding. 

INCLUSIVE, the magazine
March 2023

Cover Photo:
Renoda Campbell Photography.

INCLUSIVE, the magazine
March 2023

INCLUSIVE, the magazine
February 2023
Valentine's Day Premier Issue

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance is proud to present our Premier Issue of INCLUSIVE, the magazine.

Digitally published monthly, INCLUSIVE, the magazine is an LGBTQIA+ publication exclusively for engaged and married LGBTQIA+ couples navigating the wedding and honeymoon planning process or hosting a special event.

Realizing you’re not the only couple navigating the wedding process brings inspiration and identity. Sharing our love stories continues to remind all of us that our love is real, and validated to no one, but ourselves, because what we have to say is important for everyone to learn, love, and grow inclusively.

INCLUSIVE, February 2023 Issue