The Alliance Club

Alliance Allies earn "Alliance Points" monthly and apply their points towards their annual renewal, or Allies can upgrade their Alliance level. Alliance Club Points are equal to one dollar and can be applied towards Alliance annual renewal and/or upgrade to the next level. There is no cash value.

Every Alliance Ally is automatically enrolled into the Alliance Club when joining the Inclusive Wedding Alliance. Allies activities are tracked monthly and added up annually for rewards towards their IWA Alliance renewal.

Earn Points:

1. Complete all ten steps to the "Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices". - 50 points

2. Refer an Ally to join the IWA - 25 points

3. Attend "Discussions & Conversations" webinar session - 10 points

4. Repeat a Step on "Discussions & Conversations" - 5 points

5. Google Review - 5 points

6. Social Media Post IWA INCLUSIVE image - 5 points

7. Instagram Live Guest Appearance - 25 points

Inclusive Business Is Smart Business.

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2023 Alliance

IWA Ally Information

The Alliance Club

Earn reward points. Alliance Allies learning the "Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices," will earn Alliance Points monthly and apply their points to their annual renewal, and, or upgrade their Alliance level. Learn the other ways to earn points!

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Alliance Red Carpet Ally

Earn the Alliance Red Carpet Ally (ARCA) seal for your INCLUSIVE magazine listing. Let couples know your IWA Profile has met the ARCA seal of approval.

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INCLUSIVE, the magazine Sharing Inclusive Love Stories.

Share your love story.  Finding identity in ourselves through each other's life experiences. Living our best authentic lives to inspire those around us to do the same.

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Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices

Essential knowledge and information for all Alliance Allies. Setting the standards of inclusive awareness and practices for LGBTQIA+ couples.

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