We Got You, Babe!


When it comes to planning an event, I think we all believe, “I got this! 

After all, how hard can it be?”

I know from experience that when it comes to creating a special moment, I don’t risk anything stopping me from making it perfect


Because there is never a “take-two.” 

Cher once said, “Life’s not a dress rehearsal,” and she was so correct. If you get that one chance or opportunity, you should always take it! 

You have one chance; don’t blow it! 

A friend of mine explained to me how she wanted to propose to her girlfriend in a very special way. She wanted to give her a memory that would live forever.

As her story went on, I realized she needed a service like Palm Springs Proposals, but she lived in Atlanta.

It’s like she said, “If I can’t find someone like that here, I’m bringing her there to Palm Springs as a surprise, and I’ll propose there,” she explained.

“I want it to be perfect,” she said.

There, you have the short story of the types of services Palm Springs Proposals offers.

We got you, babe!

Starting with several pre-selected packages, Palm Springs Proposals can help you create that perfect proposal or other special occasion surprise.

Professionally orchestrated to the tiniest detail, Allen Bencomo, owner of Palm Springs Proposals, handles each occasion with his own personal care and touch.

As the owner of Whispered Vows in Palm Springs, Allen has a reputation for caring for each couple’s own personal needs through his officiant services. 

“Allen wants to connect to his couples and create a personalized ceremony that is unique and moving.” Taken from an interview with Allen that appeared in the March 2023 issue of INCLUSIVE, the magazine

“Being able to provide couples with the same personal care and attention during a very special time like an engagement is amazing,” Allen said.

“Taking the stress away and allowing the couple to cherish the moment is so beautiful to witness,” Allen explained.

All the packages are a starting point and can be customized up or down. The basic packages are truly perfect for most couples. 

“That’s one of the differences hiring a professional will make. Knowing the local area and connecting with only wedding services and products that are inclusive to all couples,” Allen explained. 

“It’s important for couples to know who will be a part of their surprise event. I want our couples to feel safe,” Allen said. “Some couples travel far, and we want to establish that connection to ensure the best possibility of a perfect surprise event,” he confirmed.

All preferred wedding services with Palm Springs Proposals are certified in “The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices” by The Inclusive Wedding Alliance.

“Our service providers and the products we represent to every couple understand the essential information about inclusive awareness,” Allen said

In speaking with Allen further, he explained that inclusiveness means to include everybody, and with so many mixed couples and understanding the variety of couples he serves, Allen wants to assure his couples that they’ll be treated with the best care possible and their accompanying guests.

Thinking about proposing? Think Palm Springs Proposals! 

Thinking about eloping? Think Palm Springs Proposals!

“It’s all about the couple and making their surprise moment perfect! 

Allen Bencomo is a master celebrant and owns “Whispered Vows” in Palm Springs, California. As a celebrant, Allen has married couples from around the world, many sending him referrals, cherishing the personalized services of Whispered Vows.

Palm Springs has some of the most amazing service providers in the world! 

Palm Springs Proposals is your engagement, elopement, and wedding menu of inclusive wedding services, providing inclusive practices for LGBTQIA2S+ couples.

Endorsed by The Inclusive Wedding Alliance.

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