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“Play and Work So Hard” immediately came to mind when I started writing this story.

After receiving an email to attend and speak at a conference, I had to decline per my upcoming schedule. It’s not that often you receive invites of such graciousness and involvement, 

(I’ll explain more later), but the timing was too tight for me to attend.

Reluctantly, I had to decline, but it was important for The Inclusive Wedding Alliance and  INCLUSIVE, the magazine, to be represented, so I asked Ricardo Tomas if he would attend in my place.


“We need to chat,” I text him. “When are you available,” I added.

Appearing on ZOOM, Ricardo was completely expressionless when I was finished explaining what I was asking him to do.

Slyfully, he looks down at his calendar on his desk. Knowing Ricardo, I know he keeps a big giant calendar at his immediate glance.

Still, not saying a word. I was thinking that his mic was off.

“What dates again,” he asked as he was now smiling at me on ZOOM.

Confirming the dates, it was a go! 

Ricardo was going to represent The Inclusive Wedding Alliance and INCLUSIVE, the magazine, at The LGBT Travel Symposium in Los Cabos, Mexico. 

Ricardo would meet other like-minded weddings, events, and travel professionals at the Symposium worldwide.

It’s hard to believe, but this is the work of a wedding and event professional. Someone has to do the research. 

Let’s Research!

Traveling to a destination that explicitly makes it known that they are inclusive is always exciting.

The Los Cabos Tourism Board, Queer Destinations, and Out There hosted The LGBT Travel Symposium. Their mission was to connect with brands and organizations that are also inclusive.

Let’s connect and experience inclusive Los Cabos!

Just steps away from the Cabo del Sol golf course, with a breathtaking view of the Sea of Cortez, the Hacienda Del Mar is the first stop of Ricardo’s journey.

With its recent remodeling, Ricardo would be among the first to experience the Hacienda Del Mar with all its newly renovated facilities.

Countless landmarks surround it, including the arch of Cabo San Lucas, the famous Medano beach, and downtown Cabo San Lucas.

“The trip was fantastic. Every place was inclusive to LGBTQIA+ couples, which made a big difference for me,” Ricardo explained. “They went all out to show us inclusive Los Cabos,” Ricardo continued. “The food and drinks were amazing,” he said.

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With education and networking taking up the first few days, it is important to understand the effort wedding, event, and travel professionals go through to serve their client couples better.

Visiting locations allows all the attendees to understand better the quality of services couples can expect from those products and services that will be visited, tasted, or experienced! 

I do a presentation on “The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices,” which is why I was asked to attend initially.

It's presentations like this that others will hear over a few days. The education part keeps wedding, event, and travel professionals informed



Cabo Wave! If you saw the cover, then here we go! 

Remember when I said, experience Los Cabo? 

If you’re going to play a special event, a Cabo Wave catamaran sunset cruise should be on that event list.

As one of the leading catamaran sunset cruise services, Cabo Wave is also the only nautical company Queer Destinations certified. LGBTQIA+ couples looking for inclusive services while traveling look for Queer Destinations certification.

With five boats: Cabo Escape, Cabo Legend, Buccaneer Queen, Cabo Wave, and Tu Enamorado, there is something for everyone! 

Take a private yacht on your romantic proposal while whale watching, experiencing memorable moments. Set sail for breakfast and watch the sunrise as you sip mimosas celebrating love! Whatever that moment, rest assured, Cabo Wave is inclusive to all couples.

“We did a boat ride for our “Welcome Reception,” Ricardo said. “We had Pride flags on the boats with Glora Gayner and Tina Turner music playing as our gay extravaganza went by everyone,” Ricardo laughed. ‘It was a lot of fun, “ he added.

One of the first things Ricardo realized was the schedule. With only so many hours in the day, it would be packed with a late evening return to the room. 

Feeling rested, Ricardo noted that it was fast to bed each night if he would make it! The prior day had been so much, and he knew that today would be that much better!  

It was on the bus and off to Zadun, the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Mexico.

An authentic experience awaits guests in their luxurious haven of this untouched sanctum where the desert and ocean collide. Be seduced by Puerto Los Cabos and its breathtaking coastline and rich culture.


“It was nice to walk the property and see where couples can get married and hold special events throughout the properties. We could also see several types of rooms, which was nice,” Ricardo added.

Many rooms boast secluded private entrances with furnished patios, outdoor showers, and private plunge pools with an unobstructed view of the beach and Sea of Cortez. Solaz, a luxury resort, pampers every guest with its infinity pools. 

With easy access to the Baja peninsula, downtown San Jose del Cabo, and Marina Cabo San Lucas. Its contemporary design offers luxury beds with custom furnishings satisfying guests worldwide.




While visiting San Jose del Cabo, check out the Art Wolk. It runs weekly from 5 to 9 p.m. in the downtown area. Enjoy the shops, bars, and other local attractions while visiting.

Dalton Gin Bar. I’d write something, but Ricardo does not remember a thing! I can say it was organized fun with inclusive friends at Daltons! 

At what point are we going to talk about the food? Now, that’s when! 

Don Sanchez’s in Los Cabos is a contemporary Mexican restaurant. With a focus on regionally sourced seafood, locally raised animals, and organic-produced vegetables paired with a fine wine selection and amazing agave spirits.

Where to eat in San Jose del Cabo Art District? Don Sanchez!

Don Sanchez is among the best Mexican restaurants, with a perfect venue for an exceptional dining experience.



With bags packed and ready to transfer to the Corazon Cabo Resort & Spa, it was an early morning from the prior evening's festivities.

Once Ricardo’s bags were checked, Ricardo was off for a morning ATV experience with G Force Adventures. What’s a trip to Cabo without experiencing a Cabo ATV adventure? Boring, that’s what! With its beautiful beaches and surrounding areas, Cabo is breathtaking on an ATV ultimate adventure. “Feel the Rush,” they say.  



Overlooking El Arco and the Bahia Cabo San Lucas horizon sits The Cape: a luxury 157 well-appointed guest rooms, suites, and villas - all with unobstructed views. It has two swimming pools and an infinity pool with a swim-up bar.

A diverse array of culinary experiences, including the hotel’s signature restaurant, Manta, is overseen by award-winning chef Enrique Olvera.

The Cape would be Ricardo’s final stop before checking into Corazon Cabo Resort & Spa.



As Cabo’s newest luxury resort, the Corazon Cabo Resort & Spa is in Medano Beach's heart. Corazon Cabo is perfect for the thrill-seekers of the city, inviting guests to experience exhilarating adventures before returning to the comfort of the resort’s luxury rooms.

With oceanfront infinity pools, you’ll always find the buzzing beach club on the city’s highest rooftop bar.

Corazon Resort & Spa is Cabo’s only micro-brewery with three all-new concept dining destinations with access to the best on-water activities in Cabo.



Enter through Mexico’s only private tunnel and emerge into a world of authenticity & luxury designed to anticipate every guest’s needs. More than a resort, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is an immersive experience that celebrates Mexican culture and cuisine heritage, nestled between the cliffside and the brilliant blue Pacific Ocean.

Create lifetime memories while relishing in your private, spacious room, suite, villa, accommodation casita, or private home, each with a private plunge pool and ocean view to inspire your mood.



Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Los Tres Gallos is a culinary experience for those searching for Mexican cuisine's authentic aromas and flavors. Family recipes have been perfected over time, thanks to generations that have been cooking them all their lives.

With its quaint, lovely, open-air courtyard full of fruit trees, the staff is eager to please their guests.

RICARDO COMMENT” Taking into consideration that it’s still an international destination, not everybody will be onboard with non-gender bathrooms. I did see several “Couples Suites,” which was nice to see, “ Ricardo added.



As a bonus at the end, Ricardo got to experience Los Cabos Pride. “We got to walk in the parade, “ Ricardo added. “We were one of the head entries in the parade, so we got to carry a huge rainbow flag, “ Ricardo said with a smile.

“Mixed in with other attendees from the conference, it was a bit overwhelming for many of us,” Ricardo continued. “It's such a sense of pride,” Ricardo said. “It was my first time in a Pride parade; it was amazing, and I loved it!” 

Not knowing what to expect, It was carrying the flag tight from the winds down the street, trying to create a human kite. “Hold tight,” you could hear people begin to share with one another as they continued down the parade route.

“It was like experiencing a place with no discrimination, to see all the straight moms and dads with families waving and accepting the tiny flags some were giving out along the parade route,” Ricardo explained. “To see all the kids waving at us and smiling, it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced,” Ricardo said 

“Of course, you never really know who’s straight or gay,” Ricardo laughed. “There were a lot of families with kids there, and I’ve never seen that any Pride event I’ve ever been to,” Ricardo said.

Approaching the downtown area, Ricardo began to see what he thought was the end, till the parade made a U-Turn and started another route up another street. “We kept walking and walking, and people were just there,” Ricardo said, laughing. “We must have walked for miles,” Ricardo said, laughing out loud.

“We had to walk slow because of so many people holding the flag; you have to walk slow,” Ricardo confirmed.

An Epic Moment

I asked Ricardo what his most significant takeaway from the week was.

Without hesitation, Ricardo said, “We were all just standing there at the parade's beginning. We had been standing there for a while, so the anticipation was high; everybody was ready to go,” Ricardo said. ‘When they said, let’s go, we lifted the flag together. It was at that moment I felt a shock go through my body. I have never felt anything like that before in my life. All these memories as a child growing up hit me out of nowhere. Even in my hometown of Dalles, I’ve never felt that doing anything like this. Being with strangers and experiencing the week we had together, then experiencing this moment together was an epic moment for me. Something I’ll remember the rest of my life, “ Ricardo explained. “I have the video to prove it,” he laughed.

“Even walking and seeing the kid waving their flags and smiling, and it hit me seeing their smiles on their faces,” Ricardo said.

 “How beautiful life is through the eyes of a child. 

Many memorable moments were walking the parade,” Ricardo said with a smile.

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