Jonathan Bennett & Jaymes Vaughan


Playing Aaron Samuels's role in the cult classic, “Mean Girls,” “Was a role that changed my life forever,” Jonathan recalls.

Along with its young cast members, “Mean Girls” continues to be the movie that started it all.

That was 2004, and today, Jonathan stays busy producing and starring on The Hallmark Channel and running his company OUTbound Travel LGBTQ+ Cruises with his husband, Jaymes Vaughan.

In 2022, Jonathan starred in and produced the network’s first same-sex holiday movie as the lead couple in “The Holiday Sitter.” 

Stay tuned; you can expect much more from Jonathan and Hallmark in 2023.

As host of the Food Network’s Halloween Wars for ten years, many will recognize Jonathan's quick wit and funny humor as the host of that show.

Jonathan has hosted various other TV shows and special events. Jonathan stays busy throughout the year, from Entertainment Tonight to hosting the ball drop in Time Square, Jonathan continues to stay busy.

In 2014, Jonathan appeared on “Dancing With The Stars.” In 2016, he released his own cookbook with celebrity Chef Nikki Martin, “The Burn Cookbook,” and in 2019 was on Season two of “Celebrity Big Brother.” 

Congratulations to him and his husband, Jaymes Vaughan, on being named the 2023 Grand Marshalls of the Miami Pride Parade.

Jonathan continues to find time to give back and contribute between filming and public appearance. 

He and his husband Jaymes’ PODCAST received a GLAAD Award nomination giving him a total of 3 nominations this year. Even though they did not win, sharing the many LGBTQIA+ stories on their PODcast gives voice and hope to others to always find themselves.

As huge fan favorites on The Amazing Race, the Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis team, also known as the “The Chippendales Team,” kept fans coming back week after week to witness the humor and sexiness of these two hunks.

They did not win, but the “Dream Team” of Jaymes and James came in second place, impacting their popularity. 

With his beautiful smile and twinkling eyes, fans have seen Jaymes Vaughan hosting network television shows including The Talk, Access Hollywood, and Celebrity Page TV. 

Celebrity Page TV is where Jaymes met Jonathan. Jonathan was there to promote the finale episode of “Halloween Wars.” 

Today, Jaymes stays quite busy with their LGBTQ+ Cruise company, Outbound Travel, PODcasts, and partnering with brands to elevate the LGBTQIA+ community through philanthropy and activism.

Read Jonathan & Jaymes love story in the June issue of INCLUSIVE, the magazine.

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