Inspiring Allies


Inspiring Allies

We’ve all met or had inspiring people in our lives. 

Sometimes, people who inspire us may only be in our lives briefly, but their impact can last a long time. 

Who inspires you? 

For me, it’s Michelle Obama. I am always eager to hear what she has to say. Whenever she speaks, I am all ears. Her famous words, “...when they go low, we go high,” are particularly meaningful to me.

Here are a couple of inspiring LGBTQIA+ Allies

Robyn Spencer - The Mod Squad, San Diego

I enjoyed spending the day with Robyn Spencer, an experienced event planner in San Diego with over fifteen years of unique event planning under her belt. Robyn has worked on all types of private events, striving to create unforgettable experiences for her clients. Her focus on creating experiences is particularly intriguing because isn't that what we all want? 

Robyn's imagination never stops, and her ideas are endless. She spent years working with a production company in Las Vegas with more shows on the strip than Circus Du Solei. 

As Robyn shared her perspective on hosting events, including weddings, I better understood her approach.

Consider making the dessert table an interactive experience to make guests feel more engaged. Instead of a traditional cake, couples opt for dessert-type items like food towers and beverage stations, with bartenders showing guests how to make a drink. This way, guests can interact with each other and have a more immersive experience.

Robyn is the Experience Director and Owner of The Mod Squad in San Diego, California. Robyn is also an active member of K.I.D. - Keep It Downtown, a committed network of event professionals working together to drive the wedding and event business in downtown San Diego. 

Robyn actively serves on several boards to stay connected with permitting or anything that might affect her “experience” business. Robyn has connections all over the United States, making her the top “go-to” experience planner in San Diego. 


Loni Peterson - LP Creative Events, Colorado

What does Loni have to say about using  Step 2 from the “Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices?” 

Step # 2  The Three “A”s to being inclusive are Awareness, Authenticity, and Accountability.

It has been a great resource and platform to support what my company stands for and to show future clients we are a safe space, and we believe all love should be celebrated. - AUTHENTICITY

The new bills that have been introduced are mind-boggling. I think we need to stay vigilant, transparent, and a safe space for all clients who are looking to get married. Keep pushing our values in our marketing efforts, making new and positive relationships with other vendors, and showcasing our 0 tolerance stance for any hate towards our clients and guests. - AWARENESS.

My clients Patrick + Jake were just featured in the April IWA magazine! Their love is truly one for the books, and that should be shared. I've made several reels/TikToks about this wedding as well and we have Allie + Britt's wedding to celebrate later this month! - ACCOUNTABILITY

That, my friends, is an ALLIANCE ALLY!

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