Come Out, Come Out


Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are! 

When I think of an ally, I think of someone with my back. Regardless of the circumstances, allies are protectors and defenders.

LGBTQIA+ couples searching for inclusive wedding vendors is a task not taken lightly by many couples. But, unfortunately, in today’s anti-LGBTQIA+ climate, society has a license to speak out against us in public or make derogatory comments while walking by.

An ignorant comment can bring the party to a stop. 

Ask the question. “Is your staff trained or educated in inclusion and diversity?

Since 2015, I have advocated for additional inclusive training for wedding and event professionals. I can tell you from firsthand experience that inclusive wedding professionals are leaders and brave enough to stand up in an industry suffocated by hetero norms. 

If your wedding photographer doesn’t post LGBTQIA+ couples on social media, do not hire them! You are paying for a service to an individual who is not an ally or brave enough to stand with us in solidarity. Follow the money!

More than eight-five billion dollars has been generated in the wedding and event industry since same-sex marriage became legal in 2015. Please take note of your influence by supporting wedding and event professionals who post their badges with awards of inclusive awareness. These are your allies; you and your guests are in great hands and safe!  

If your wedding venue has a “Bridal Suite” and not a “Couple’s Suite,” keep looking! 

Inclusiveness in a venue or any business begins with the owners or management. If management is not concerned about being inclusive to all couples, keep searching.

We learn quickly who our allies are and how to spot them. Sometimes, it’s instinct, or our gut tells us. Listen to your intuition. 

You are about to pay for wedding services to celebrate one, if not the most important, day of your life! So who do you want to pay? An inclusive wedding professional who has your back throughout the planning process, or take your chances on another.

Don’t be shy. Asking the right questions continues to send the message throughout the wedding and event industry that inclusive practices matter! 

Ask about a gay-owned wedding or event businesses. Having wedding allies around you on the day of your wedding is essential. You’re nervous and want everything to be perfect, so don’t play around when hiring inclusive wedding professionals. 

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance is here to help you through the wedding planning process! 


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