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Consider these statistics compiled by the United States Census Bureau & Gallup.


Same-sex household couples living together are married.


Same-sex household couples are interracial, compared to only 18% of opposite-sex households.


One in five, Generation Z identifies as LGBTQIA+. That is all most double that of the Millennial generation.


The District of Columbia has the highest percentage of same-sex couple households of any state.


Same-sex couples have a least a bachelor’s degree, compared to 18% of opposite-sex couples.


Americans support same-sex marriage with a majority supporting nondiscrimination protection for LGBTQIA+ people.

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The Inclusive Wedding Alliance (IWA) - We are, exclusively for wedding and experienced professionals seeking to elevate inclusive business practices in the wedding and event industry for LGBTQIA+ couples. Information Sessions - Click Here!

LGBTQIA+ couples planning their wedding or special event, the Inclusive Wedding Alliance is a resource for wedding and experience professionals certified in "Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices", information LGBTQIA+ couples want vendor to know!.

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance invites all couples to enjoy, INCLUSIVE , the magazine.
is A monthly digital publication exclusively for LGBTQIA+ couples navigating the wedding planning process.

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance
is setting standards of inclusiveness for LGBTQIA+ couples in the wedding and event industry by establishing standards of inclusive education and information within its body of Alliance Allies.

The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices is an annual subscription included in every Alliance Ally membership. Created and written by Ric Simmons, the founder and president of the Inclusive Wedding Alliance, and Publisher of INCLUSIVE, the magazine.

Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices is a step-by-step educational program focused on ten areas of inclusive awareness.  

The wedding and event industry must learn the appropriate language to use when working with LGBTQIA+ couples to better understand the history and evolution of the LGBTQIA+ community. We must reimagine the institution of marriage by understanding and educating ourselves about genders, pronouns, and the importance of being aware of inclusively when working with LGBTQIA+ couples. As allies in the wedding and event industry, we must acquire knowledge to support and uphold inclusivity standards that allow us to be aware, authentic, and accountable to LGBTQIA+ couples. Setting standards with consistency, leading by example creating a safe space for LGBTQIA+ couples and colleagues.

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance welcomes wedding and event creatives invested in learning and implementing inclusive business practices for LGBTQIA+ couples. No matter where you are in your awareness and understanding of inclusive practices, the Inclusive Wedding Alliance has a place for you. 

INCLUSIVE, the magazine

Inclusive, the magazine - Sharing love stories to inspire! Leaving a legacy of love and hope for tomorrow!

INCLUSIVE, the magazine is digitally published monthly bringing you love stories from couples who have stories to tell and advise to give, You'll laugh and you'll cry as you meet couples up close and personal as they share their inspiring love stories. Couples living authentically today, but it wasn't always that way!

INCLUSIVE, the magazine also includes special features like the 2023 Inclusive Wedding Directory & Guide, Inclusive Luxury Weddings, Inclusive Behind the Lens with some Fabulous Photographers. Visit Romantic and Inclusive Wedding Destinations with Inclusive Honeymoon Planning. Get Inclusive Wedding Planning Tips, and Inspiring ideas!

Realizing you’re not the only couple navigating the wedding process can bring inspiration and identity within each of us.

Sharing our love stories should continue to remind all of us that our love is real, and validated to no one, but ourselves, because what we have to say is important for everyone to learn, love, and grow inclusively. 

INCLUSIVE, the magazine - Empowering A Community Through Authentic Empowering Love Stories

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the magazine,

Celebrating Love Stories, Inspiring Others.

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INCLUSIVE, the magazine

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INCLUSIVE, the magazine

February 2023
INCLUSIVE, the magazine
Premier Issue

Meet Ric Simmons
Publisher & President

When Harry Met Tom,
Forty-Five Years Together and Going Strong.

INCLUSIVE Luxury Weddings
Ricardo Tomas

A World Of Discovery,
Korbin & David's Lasting Love.

An Answer to A Mother's Prayer,
Jarrod & Khang

Protecting Your Weddings
A Message From Wedsure

Girlfriends For Life,
Gay Dads to the Rescue

Simply The Best
Being Accountable

March 2023
INCLUSIVE, the magazine

All or Nothing
Simon & Guillermo

Simply The Best

Ric Simmons

Would You Catch Me If I feel For You,
Trisha & Vicky

Premarital Counseling For Same-Sex Couples
Allen Bencomo

The Magic Behind The Lens
Meet Renoda Campbell

Delivering Hope & Joy
Meet Allen Bencomo

Listening To The Messages
Jim & John

April 2023
INCLUSIVE, the magazine

Simply The Best
Ric Simmons

Love Will Find A Way
Juan & Xavi

We Are Family - History of LGBTQIA+
Ric Simmons

I wanted Her Off The Market-STAT!
Roz & Stephanie

INCLUSIVE Weddings & Romantic Travel, Meet Camilla Jocsak

Something Happened On The Slopes,
Patrick & Jake

May 2023
The Ally Issue

Feeling Safe
Ric Simmons

The P2P Life

Come Out, Come Out
Ric Simmons

I Can Do That
Ric Simmons

What Ten Steps Did For Me.
Pole Barn Chic

Aleem & Victor
The Beauty and Challenges of a
same-sex relationship. P2P Life.

It's A Wedding Experience

Ric Simmons

Simply the Best - Inspiring Allies

Ric Simmons

Love Triumphs, Over Adversity

Allen Bencomo

The Wedding Index

June 2023
The PRIDE Issue

Be an Ally and show your support, love and acceptance in INCLUSIVE's SPECIAL PRIDE Issue.

Sending a message of love to couples with your logo or name can go a long way in saying, "I see you."

Do you know the history of PRIDE and why PRIDE is celebrated?

Many engagements and many weddings happen during PRIDE celebrations, and INCLUSIVE will be there!

Will You?

Reserve Your Space Today!

Deadline June 10, 2023

Available June 15, 2023

INCLUSIVE, the magazine
Media Planner

Sponsorship Opportunities

Twelve & Six Month,

Full and Half Page

Digital Wedding Directory

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Celebrating the History of Drag in Events & Weddings.
July 2023

Join INCLUSIVE as it celebrates the history of Drag in events and weddings.

Drag performers and performances go back over many generations. Join INCLUSIVE as we share the love of Drag along with the fun and excitement Drag has brought, and will continue to bring to the wedding and event industry.

Deadline July 10, 2023
Available July 15, 2023

Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices.
Included in all Alliance Ally levels.

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance believes in establishing standards in inclusive awareness for LGBTQIA+ couples in the wedding & event industry.

The Ten Step program is designed to equipped each Alliance Ally with the needed information and training to conduct a successful inclusive wedding, event or experience.

Alliance Allies are encouraged to virtually participate in "Discussions & Conversions" led by Ric Simmons to discuss a new "step" each time.

Come network and learn with other Alliance Allies!

Visit Ally Information for a schedule.

Inclusive Wedding Alliance
2023 Certification

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance certifies all Alliance Allies once Step #10 has been completed.

2023 Media & Editorial Planner

The wedding and event industry now has a wedding and event digital publication to connect with LGBTQIA+ couples like never before!

From manufacturing suppliers to resort hotels, LGBTQIA+ couples are looking for brands they know and trust.

2023 Media Planner Request

Step #1
Being An Ally

The "Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices."

What begins with a desire for learning inclusive practices, leads Alliance Allies on a ten step program establishing inclusive standards for themselves, and their wedding or event business.

The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices is the "handbook" for the Inclusive Wedding Alliance and our Alliance Allies.

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Inclusive Wedding Alliance
Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices - Alliance Handbook

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