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The Inclusive Wedding Alliance (IWA) - Exclusively for wedding and event professionals elevating inclusive business practices in the wedding and event industry.

LGBTQIA+ couples planning their wedding or special event, the Inclusive Wedding Alliance is your source for wedding and event services certified in "Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices". The Inclusive Wedding Alliance invites all couples to enjoy, INCLUSIVE magazine.

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance
is setting the standards of inclusiveness for LGBTQIA+ couples in the wedding and event industry by establishing standards of inclusive education and information within its body of wedding and event allies.

Inclusive Wedding Professionals.
The Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices - Information Couple's Want Vendors To Know is part of every Alliance Ally membership. Created and written by the founder and president of the Inclusive Wedding Alliance, It's the foundation of education and understanding for all our Alliance Allies.

Ten Steps To Inclusive Practices is a step-by-step educational annual subscription program focused on ten areas of inclusive awareness LGBTQIA+ couples  want wedding and event professionals to know.

The wedding and event industry must learn the appropriate language to use when working with LGBTQIA+ couples to better understand the history and evolution of the LGBTQIA+ community. We must reimagine the institution of marriage by understanding and educating ourselves about genders, pronouns, and the importance of being aware of inclusively when working with LGBTQIA+ couples. As allies in the wedding and event industry, we must acquire knowledge to support and uphold inclusivity standards that allow us to be aware, authentic, and accountable to LGBTQIA+ couples. Setting the standards with consistency and leading by example.

The Inclusive Wedding Alliance welcomes wedding and event creatives invested in learning and implementing inclusive business practices for LGBTQIA+ couples. No matter where you are in your awareness and understanding of inclusive business practices, the Inclusive Wedding Alliance has a place for you. 

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the magazine gives voice to LGBTQIA+ couples sharing their love stories across many generations.

Consider these statistics compiled by Pew Research.
Understanding our opportunity to make a change.
Elevating LGBTQIA+ couples.


of Americans express a positive outlook about same-sex marriage being legal. Compared to 89% in Spain.


of religious “nones” say same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.


of Americans say they know someone who is transgender or who goes by a gender-neutral pronoun.


of Americans say it’s extremely or very important to use a person’s new name if they are or have transitioned.


countries and territories have enacted national laws allowing LGBTQIA+ couples to marry.


of Americans say forms and online profiles that ask about a person’s gender should include options other than “male” and “female”.

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INCLUSIVE magazine

Inclusive Magazine - Giving a Voice to Love!

Inspiring love stories and celebrations of love through the generations!

INCLUSIVE wants to share your love story! Supporting couples navigating life together to inspire other couples. Please drop us your contact information.

INCLUSIVE Magazine is digitally published monthly bringing you love stories from couples who have stories to tell and advise to give, You'll laugh and you'll cry as you meet couples up close and personal as they share their inspiring love stories. Couples living an authentic life but it wasn't always that way!

INCLUSIVE magazine special features include the 2023 Inclusive Wedding Directory & Guide, Inclusive Luxury Weddings, Inclusive Behind the Lens, Inclusive Travel, Inclusive Honeymoon Planning, Inclusive Wedding Planning Tips, Inclusive Inspirations and more!

Sharing your love story and reminding yourself that you have a lot to give and share with others. Open yourself to receive more love from the world you've created and built around you. Living your best authentic life for the world to admire and love!

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INCLUSIVE is a monthly digital publication released on the 15th of each month, with the next deadline on the 10th of April 2023.
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Ric Simmons

Sharing love stories to inspire more love and acceptance.

We grow up and at some point in our lives, we realize we are different from the other boys and girls.

We usually learn early in our lives if it's a secret, or if we share with others and live authentically. It's a life changing decision about how we feel about ourselves.

Then we fall in love. We fall in love with our best friend who really understands us inside and out. A love so deep, many have never felt that much love until that point in their lives.

So what made you fall in love?

Share your love story!

Ricardo Tomas
Inclusive Luxury Weddings

Chief Contributing Editor

Inclusive Luxury Wedding Chief Contributing Editor.

WHEN I HEAR “luxury wedding,” Ricardo Tomas immediately comes to mind. We met in 2015 at a one-day certification class taught by Bernadette Smith, author of The Business of Gay Weddings: A Guide for Wedding Professionals. Ricardo and I ended up having lunch that day and have been friends since. Ricardo listens to what his clients want and takes their vision beyond their expectations, specializing in “fun, unique, and unforgettable weddings.” Ricardo sets the standard for luxury. With exquisite taste, his unique understanding of fashion and interior design plays a crucial role in planning an unforgettable, lavish event.

When a wedding bears Ricardo’s signature, you can be sure it will live in the hearts, minds, and souls of all who attended for years to come. I am humbled and honored to have Ricardo INCLUSIVE. the magazine’s Chief Contributing Editor for luxury weddings.

I look forward to experiencing inclusive luxury weddings through his mind, heart, and vision.

Allen Bencomo
Inclusive Wedding Officiant & Coaching

Chief Contributing Editor

Inclusive Wedding Officiant & Coaching Chief Contributing Editor

Camille Jocsak

Inclusive Weddings & Romantic Travel

Chief Contributing Editor

Inclusive Weddings & Romantic Travel Chief Contributing Editor

Mon Amie

Costa Mesa, California

Bridal Salon

WE WORK WITH DESIGNERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. For over 43 years, Mon Amie Bridal Salon has served as the West Coast’s most elegant and premiere bridal salon. Our boutique presents brides with an unparalleled selection of bridal gowns. With in-store boutiques, we are able to showcase an assortment of European Designers as well as Plus Size selections. The Mon Amie Alterations team is on hand to complete your wedding day look. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our salon.


March Issue

Cover Photo: Renoda Campbell

INCLUSIVE, the magazine is released on the 15th of each month.

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February 2023 Issue

Cover Photo: Michael Segal Photo

Premiering Valentine's Day 2023, INCLUSIVE, the magazine created history by combining LGBTQIA+ love stories along with an Inclusive International Wedding Directory.
Meet our couples by visiting The Archive. Love stories treasured forever!


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We are visionaries. We are a team made up creatives with a background in theater, dance, music, and art. Our expertise is in our ability to design something that has never before existed. Our muse and inspiration is YOU. Rather than focusing on trends, we tell your individual story. We tell the story of who you are through the most important day of your life.

Amari Productions
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Quality to attention.

Here at Amari our quality and attention to detail never wavers. But in that pursuit, we also never lose sight of what really matters: you, your story, your love.

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