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Hi there! I’m Martina and my pronouns are she/her. I’m an enthusiastic wedding photographer specialised in intimate weddings and elopements. Born by the East coast in south of Italy, I grew up dreaming about being an artist. I moved to Copenhagen in 2012, and I’ve been hopelessly in love with the city ever since. I’m a hunter for natural light and candid moments, as my main goal is to create spontaneous and intimate images that will make you remember the emotions of your wedding day. As a gay woman, I believe that we - wedding photographers - have the huge responsibility of showcasing a world that is not perfect. The wedding industry is filled with images portraying young, gorgeous, white, straight, cisgender and super fit couples. I’m working hard to create a safe space for everybody. Diversity matters. You can get to know me through my stories, and follow me also on social media to stay updated:



Martina Lanotte


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+45 3120 2111

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