3 Tips To Be A More Inclusive Photographer


I know, I know, photographers are ruling the planet these days. With multiple platforms to showcase our talents and videos to promote our voices. The language and images we use to promote our business can either be hurting or helping your overall strategy. How can we improve our strategies to attract more inquiries and bookings from the gay community in a sensitive way? 

Here are 3 tips for how to be a more inclusive photographer and make LGBTQ+ and BIPOC couples feel comfortable about reaching out to you.

  1. Have a portfolio
    You need to showcase LGBTQ+ and BIPOC couples on your website and social media channels.
    By having a portfolio of same sex weddings on your website, it shows that you are serious, open, and accepting inquiries. Much like the saying, “put out images of what you want to attract”. Making it easier and more comfortable for couples to inquire with you.

  2. Use appropriate language
    Most of the time we hear the term, “bride and groom” but that phrase won’t get you very far in the gay community because it doesn’t apply. Instead, use non-gender specific terms such as partner or couple. During the inquiry process if you are not sure how to address the couple simply ask for their preferred gender pronouns and names.
    You want to make people feel comfortable and confident in the decision that they are making in hiring you. Using specific language can make all the difference! At the end of the day, we all want to feel loved and heard so personalizing your delivery is key!

  3. Be active in the community
    It is so important to show up and be a part of the community. You can do this by becoming a member of the National Gay Wedding Association. Find a local organization in your area to become a member of or reach out to other vendors in your area and find ways to work together and support one another.

As a wedding photographer, and supportive member of the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC community, we need to have business practices that are more inclusive. Through images we share, the language we use, and supporting others within the community. Together we can showcase all love as a silver screen classic and not just a trending hashtag!

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